Brain Salad Surgery

Throughout full-page images, hard cover, hardback, 23 x 24 cm
German original edition
limited number of pieces, hand signed
© by Stoned Head Verlag; 10551 Berlin
and Røan Suvelis; 46502 Xanten

A special thank you to all the people, without whom the book couldn't became possible, namely the models, without whom those photographs could not have been realized:
Andrea, Alex, Alina, Anne, aNNi, Barbara, Christoph, Daliya, Denise, Erik, Jana, Joanna, K.A.S.Sandra, Katharina, Kathrin R., Kathrin Sch., Lea, Leonie, Mél Ancholy, Mona, Nicola, Sylvia L. und Silvia v.D.

A very special thank you goes to Thomas von Huerk, who wasn't only supporting Røan when there were problems with the releasing of his book. Furthermore, aNNi-ART must not be unmentioned, because she didn't only patiently act in front of Røan's camera, but she has also been actively supporting him behind it.

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