Røan Suvelis

Røan Suvelis is a German picture artist and photographer. He was born and raised in the lower Rhine area. Even as a juvenile he occupied himself with photography and learned the traditional techniques, including classical photo development in the dark room. Today, in the age of digital arts, Røan profits of the learned skills and it's doesn't only show in the arrangement in his pictures. He fuses digital photography with photo manipulation. Almost all his works have a photograph in their core. He sets value in taking all photographs by himself in order not to get back to stock photos. With his pictures, he creates his own worlds and dives into them. Time and again he manages – in his own and special way – to capture his fantasies and emotions in pictures and thus let the contemplator have a part in them. He loves to tell stories with his pictures.

Røan Suvelis has no answer to the question about his style and he finds it more interesting to let it be answered by the contemplator himself. He doesn't see himself only as an artist, but more as a teller of stories. The stories develep in his head and with the help of his pictures, he tries to pass them on to the contemplater. He himself calls this «suvelism».

The misuse of surreal motives, the fascinating game with light and focus – he knows how to handle all of this as only few do in his business. He's an enthusiastic photo artist with a special affection to the dark, the surreal and the bizarre. He's constantly developing himself, he's convertible and flexible and that places him out of concurrence. He doens't limit himself to exploiting an achieved style, but he covers artistic topics starting with portraits and nude art, going to surreal and bizarre compositions, up to a creative, modern mixture of different media.

Even though he claims to still be searching for it, his style is unmistakably obvious. He's an artist who manages to move the contemplator of his works into an other world. The world of the surreal and the world of the bizarre.

Pictures mean communication in the first line. The connection between the own point of view, the own fantasy to the contemplator. Røan is using different visual concepts in his works. He tries to freeze moments of his fantasy, to visualize them and he surprises time and again with new and unexpected points of view. Join us in the world of Røan Suvelis, the world of the suvelism.

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